Green in so many ways.

When people think of roof tarps and they often think of FEMA’s “blue roof” campaign in 2005. New Orleans and Mississippi were covered in blue tarps. These  roof tarps were installed by the United States government in order to assist homeowners after one of the largest natural disasters in recent history.

Temporary Repair  LLC has a “green roof” program. Our tarps are green in color, or are “green” as in they are a recycled material.

First, we have green colored tarps. They are custom made for us, so that we can give you just the amount of material you need to cover your roof damage.  No need to open a 20’ X 20’ tarp to cover a 5’ X 5’ patch of missing shingles.  This is why our custom rolls of green tarp create less waste.

See our custom rolls of tarps on the left side of the truck that allows us only to covered what is damaged.

See our custom rolls of tarps on the left side of the truck that allows us only to covered what is damaged.

Secondly, we have our “green” recycled materials.  One of our many locations is Orlando, FL where the highways are filled with billboards detailing all the many attractions and fun things to do.  Billboards are now made in large vinyl waterproof sheets.  We have negotiated contracts with the installation and removal companies to buy back the used billboard material.  This material is thicker and a superior product to a traditional blue tarp you would purchase at Home Depot.   The backside of the billboard is black or white in color.  The Temporary Repair team installs them over damaged roofs with the solid color side up.  This gives our client an excellent tarp material. 

We also use custom made plastic furring strips made from recycled plastics.  Our trucks have the Eco boost engines, and we are a paperless company. 

As we move into 2014 we want our customers to know that small decisions can make a big difference.   Whether it is hiring veterans, using recycled materials, or our easy online tarp scheduling for our clients, Temporary Repair promises to keep evolving with the times and being a company you can be proud to hire. 

Look at all these billboards that will be repurposed by Temporary Repair LLC this year to help storm victims nationwide!