What is the best way to get a tree off your home or roof?

What is the best way to get a fallen tree off your roof or home?


 There is only one way- HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!  After a catastrophic weather event local tree companies and companies that travel to the storm site to assist are a valuable community resource.  Please call a professional tree service for all your Chainsaw work. TemporaryRepair.com can help you coordinate a tree service and then be there to immediately install a roof tarp to protect you home from interior water damage.


Chainsaws are the most dangerous power tool you can own.  There are few chainsaw accidents that are not serious.

Chainsaw injuries.jpg

 Understand kickback – most chainsaw injuries are caused by kickback.  The main form of kickback occurs when the bar nose of the saw (see figure #1) strikes a solid object.  To minimize the risk of kickback, keep the chain sharp, maintain proper chain tension, ensure the chain brake is working, hold the saw securely with both hands and know where the bar tip is at all times.


  •  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately     36,000 people are injured by chainsaws annually.
  • The average chainsaw injury requires 110 stitches and the average medical cost was $ 5,600.00 in 1989. Data according to The Davis Garvin Agency, an insurance underwriter specializing in loggers insurance. In year 2000 corresponding costs can be estimated to be over $12,000.00.
  •  Medical costs for chainsaw injuries based on these facts amount to about 350 million dollars per year.
  •  Workman’s compensation costs, based on the assumption that four weeks recovery is required, can be estimated at 125 million dollars annually.


This blade does not know the difference between WOOD and SKIN!


Chainsaw blade.jpg

This follow images are of unfortunate chainsaw operators, some professionals but most occasional or ‘weekend’ chainsaw operators.  They are graphic but the most graphic were not included.


The point is do not operate a chainsaw without proper training and proper protection. Hire a professional tree service.  If this is an insurance claim your insurance carrier not only will support the cost of hiring the professional tree service but they would prefer that you do not allow uninsured or untrained workers assisting in your emergency repairs.



Beware the following images are very GRAPHIC.


Chainsaw injuries 1.png
Chainsaw injuries 2.png
Chainsaw injuries 3.png
Chainsaw injuries 4.png

Illustration CreditsSafe Timber Harvesting. University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Forestry Information Center. 2001.



Unfortunately sometime our friends get in the path of our chainsaws....

Chainsaw injuries dog.png

Take the Dogs advice...

Tree on house – hire a professional tree service.

Tree on roof – hire a professional tree service.

Tree through roof – hire a professional tree service.

Need chainsaw work – hire a professional tree service.

Need a crane to lift tree off house – hire a professional tree service..

Need a wind damaged tree removed - hire a professional tree service.

Tree debris in yard – get help from friends, family or church.