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  • How do I schedule a roof tarp?
    • All our scheduling is done online. Click on the Schedule a Tarp link on the home bar, enter and verify your address, and choose the best time and day of the week that works with your schedule. You will receive an email with your appointment time. It's that easy!

  • Do I have to be home for my tarp installation?
    • You do not need to be home for your appointment, but we would prefer it. If you are not home, we will call you from your home to review the cost. The invoice needs to be paid by credit card before the work begins.

  • How much tarp will my house require?
    • IGC uses only the amount of tarp necessary to waterproof the damaged area. We custom cut our tarps for you. This way, we do not waste materials, charge you for tarp you don’t really need or cause unnecessary roof damage.

  • How much does it cost?
    • The cost of our services is based on a service fee, the amount of tarp used and a hourly rate. Please see our price chart. Our average roof tarp cost is between $500 and $700, but this number can vary based on the amount of damages and the complexity of the tarp installation.

  • Who pays for the tarp on my house?
    • You will be responsible for paying the tarp invoice directly to the crew that comes to your home. Our crew will email you a copy of the paid invoice along with images of your home's damage prior to tarping. You should forward this to your insurance adjuster so he or she can include it with your insurance claim.

  • What if I need to change my appointment?
    • If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, you do have the option of having us tarp your roof without you being present. We will communicate by cell phone to give you the exact cost and take payment before we begin work.

      If the emailed appointment time absolutely will not work, go to the Live Chat feature located at the top of each page. This is the fastest way to reach our scheduling team.

      If you do not have Internet access, call our customer service team at 407-326-2372.

  • Do you offer warranties?
    • IGC does everything we can to provide the best tarping service available. The tarp is meant to be a temporary solution until permanent repairs can be made. We do not offer any long-term warranties.

  • Why do I need pictures of my damage prior to tarping?
    • IGC takes photographs of the damaged roof or wall prior to tarping and will email you copies of these images. There are for your records. One of the mandatory requirements of the insurance policy is to display the damage. You can show the images to your insurance adjuster so they do not have to remove or tamper with your tarp.

  • What form of payments do you accept?
    • Payment is taken on site when your tarp is installed. We accept all major credit cards or personal checks.

  • How long does the appointment take?
    • The installation time varies per house depending on size, steepness, damage and complexity. The average time is about one or two hours for a two man crew.

  • What if I have a tree on my house?
    • If you have a tree on your house IGC can schedule to have an Arborist to document the tree removal cost for your insurance company and remove the tree.

      If you already have the tree removal scheduled with another company we will coordinate with you to tarp the roof as soon as possible to the time the tree is removed.

  • Are you local?
    • We are out of Mount Dora Florida where we have been since 1995. We understand the huge challenge for you just trying to get your home protected. We travel to many catastrophic weather events, leaving our own families behind, to help people across the country affected by natural disasters. We have come to your community to provide quality, fast professional tarping in your time of need.

  • Why Green tarps?
    • We take extreme pride in our work and want stand out from the crowd of blue tarped roofs. Look around – you can see our work. Plus, our new tarps are made of recycled materials, we are not only green in color but in corporate philosophy.

  • What kind of tarps do you use?
    • Our tarps are manufactured specifically for the IGC Team. We use tarp made by the roll so that we can size the tarp to the damaged roof area. Rolled tarp is the most efficient use of the materials. Our new strips and tarps are made of recycled PE (plastic). When the roofer removes the tarp to complete your final repairs you can recycle both the strips and the tarps. The recycle symbol for our roof tarp and strips is #2.

      Please recycle or reuse our materials.

  • What if one of the workers gets injured on my property?
    • This is a very real concern and is a question that every homeowner should ask before work begins on their home. Every IGC worker is covered by worker's compensation insurance and general liability insurance to protect you, the homeowner. It is a good practice to ask all repair contractors for proof of insurance before starting repairs. All IGC teams carry copies of our insurance showing the policy date as current, as should all contractors. It's the law.

  • How can I get more information about your company?
    • We would love to connect with you and let you know all about what we do! We are available by phone or email; see Contact Us in the footer of this page. Additional partner information is available at the "Partners" link in the footer. For employment and career opportunities, see the Careers link in the footer of this page.

  • What safety precautions does IGC take?
    • We are comfortable working on roofs, but never careless.

  • Why do you need to have a detailed tree removal invoice?
    • Damage to trees, plants and shrubs are not covered under most inusrance polices. However, the cost to remove them from covered structures is mostly covered. The insurance company will need to know the cost associated with removing the trees from buildings so they can grant coverage for that part of the claim.

  • Why do I need a photos?
    • Insurance companies require you exhibit the damage property. It also requires for you to protect the property from damage. Having pictures allows you to comply with your policy