How much will it cost? 

How We Calculate Costs:

Our cost for tree removal is bid per job, we provide detail of equipment used (backhoe, crane, etc) and man hours broken down by duties (chainsaw workers, ground-man, supervisor). This detail gives your insurance company a clear picture of the work being performed and reimburse you for removing the tree off the structure.  

Our roof tarp pricing is based on a service fee specific to your type of roof, the square feet of tarp needed and safety hazards related to the roof surface (steep or high roofs). We provide an upfront quote after we view the property, and then we take payment once services are rendered.  Our average emergency tarp install cost between $500 and $700, but can vary based on the amount of damage.  In addition to providing the temporary repair itself, we also provide electronic images of the damages for you to provide to your insurance carrier.

Coordination cost of overhead and profit and included in all our invoices.


When do I pay?

The IGC team will arrive at your home during the scheduled time, then provide you with an estimated cost. You must be able to provide your credit card information, as payment is required immediately after installation.  We accept all major credit cards and checks.  You will be immediately emailed your invoice and images,  so you can forward them on to your insurance carrier.

Is the cost of tree removal and tarping covered under my insurance policy?

We cannot guarantee that your insurance will cover your roof tarp, but we have never seen a case where insurance has not included preventative tarping as part of  the claim. The cost of “temporary repairs” is not only covered under all standard insurance policies, but it is also required by you, the homeowner, to protect the property from additional damage.

When will the insurance company reimburse me?

Your invoice from IGC should be submitted to your insurance carrier, and the carrier will make the coverage determination. In most instances, when there is a current homeowners policy, and the total damages are more than your deductible, your insurance will include the cost incurred for tarping services as part of your claim. Payment is typically issued within 30-90 days after the loss.  Please contact your insurance company for their specific claim handling practices.


Why does my insurance company want me to get my roof tarped?

Your insurance company will most likely ask you if you have made temporary repairs. If you have not, they will advise you to do so.  Your agent and adjuster do this to make sure you comply with the terms of your insurance policy.

Per the standard homeowners insurance policy, the insured must complete the following conditions in order for the carrier to provide coverage after a storm event:


  • • Protect the property from further damage or loss, make reasonable and necessary temporary repairs required to protect the property, keep an accurate record of repair expenditures
  • • Exhibit the damaged property
  • • Provide us with records and documents and permit us to make copies

Our tarping of roofing and exterior walls after a storm event is a service not only needed to bring you peace of mind, but one that is required by, and fully covered by, most insurance policies. Under insurance policies, temporary repairs are listed as a covered part of the claim.

Additional Coverage

  • • Temporary Repair - If damage is caused by a Loss Insured, we will pay the reasonable and necessary cost you incur for the temporary repairs to cover property to protect the property from further immediate damage or loss.




Base 1 One-Story Per Building Evaluation and Set Up Charge $300
Base 2 Two-Story/High Per Building Evaluation and Set Up Charge $400
Base 3 One-Story Base Steep Angle/Safety Factors Per Building Evaluation and Set Up Charge $400
Base 4 Two-Story/High Steep Angle/Safety Factors Per Building Evaluation and Set Up Charge $500
TARP Installed Square Foot $1.20 / sq. ft.
Extra 1 Plywood Installed (per sheet) $75
Extra 2 Remove Tree Limbs Per Bid
Extra 3 Tile, Wood or Metal Roofs (Roofing other than shingles) Per Building $100
Hourly Hourly Rate $45 / hour
Standard Smiles & Thank-yous Free