As agents, your number one priority is serving your customers. This is where Insurance General Contractors is here to help. We provide roof and exterior tarps for your customers who have sustained damage to their homes or businesses.

Your customers will be more at ease after their home or business is tarped and protected. At that point, they can wait for their claims adjuster without threat of additional damage.

IGC helps you assist your customers in these ways:

  • Easy scheduling for tarp, tree removal and dry out all in one place. We also do rebuilds as well.

  • Your clients’ property will be protected from additional damage.  They will feel less exposed while waiting for the appointment with their adjuster.

  • Your office is not authorizing the tarp but just getting the insured on the schedule for a tarp.  Payment is taken directly from the homeowner.

  • Your client will receive an electronic copy of the receipt. They will also receive photos of the home damage prior to the tarp being installed. These are for the homeowner to provide to the claims department during the adjuster’s inspection.

When your clients ask you, “I filed my claim, what do I do next?” You will now be able to provide them with the direction for their next step. Temporary Repair will provide a quality tarp for their roof, while making sure they fulfill their duty to protect the property from further damage.

For expedited service for your clients, please contact 407-326-2372, where an agent account manager can personally assist you. 

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