Roof tarps, the details

We know them as the big blue roofs that FEMA covered the Louisiana landscape with after Hurricane Katrina.  They are roof tarps, they are used by more than the government and come in colors other than blue.

The word tarp comes from tarpaulin. Tarpaulin means: A heavy hard wearing closely woven waterproof fabric make of canvas or similar material coated with tar, wax or paint for a protective covering for outdoor use against moisture.    The word is also rarely used to describe a sailor.

When you really need a tarp you know it.  They are a basic part of a hurricane disaster preparation kit because one can expect strong winds have a high probability of removing something from the exterior water protective surfaces of your home.

The color of the tarp does not matter, it is the job they do.  I have even seen orange tarps, silver tarps and even pink camo tarps.  Green tarps are the color of roof tarp used by Temporary Repair LLC because green can be distinguished among  the standard tarps sold at big box hardware stores.

Roof tarps come in all sizes.  Temporary repair stocks tarps as big as 50 feet by 100 feet. Be sure you know the area you need to cover and read the label on the package detailing the size of the tarp.

Tarps come in many brands and colors. Most all of them will do the job, it is a question of how long the tarp will stay there.

 Tarps are not dangerous, but people installing them not paying attention to safety can be. Be sure to stabilize your ladder, get help installing the tarp and pay attention to your surroundings .preparation 

Tarps are your friend after a hurricane or tornado. Be sure to be ready and have some on hand in case of emergency.