How to get your house dried out after a hurricane.

After the hurricane there is ceiling damage to your home. Water is pouring in from missing roof shingles, collapsed your ceiling and water is sitting on your wood flooring.

Getting the water extracted is your primary goal. Water mitigation companies specialize in just this. Just like the storm does come and go on normal business hours, neither do these types of companies.  They typically are on call 24 hours a day and can be there quickly to get your house dried in.

The problem is it does not make sense to begin the drying process if your roof damage is not tarped. Getting a roof tarp on you house is your primary concern. Companies like can assist you with a roof tarp, or the water mitigation company may also be able to complete the tarp job or refer you to a roofer who can get a roof tarp on your house quickly.

Once the roof is covered and temporary repairs are made, the water mitigation company will bring in air moving fans, commercial size dehumidifiers and pumps to remove the water.  They will be able to remove wet insulation, wet drywall and baseboards etc.  They have special equipment to dry out confined spaces and even dry out wood flooring.

Water removal companies will also will pack up your belongings and secure your contents during the construction process.  Packing can be quite a job and in the middle of such a stressful time and the last thing you want to do yourself.   Most of these services are covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy, when talking about water that entered from roof damage.

Important:  If you are calling a water mitigation for flood damage or back up of your sewer and/or drain  be sure to consult your insurance agent to see if you have a flood policy or back-up endorsement.   Water that enters from at or below the surface of the ground is considered flood water and not covered under a standard homeowners policy.

Standing water will cause the most costly damage. It must be dried out immediately to avoid costly repairs.