What to do in an ice storm, how to prepare and why ice storms occur.

Ice storms occur warm air meets cold air, and the cold air is pushed over top of warm, add moisture and you get a line of ice and sleet.  When the air in the upper atmosphere has moisture  the snow flake  that drops from the cold upper atmosphere (let’s say around 10 degrees),  thaws in the middle atmosphere (around 35 degrees), then as it enters the lower atmosphere and refreezes after it hits a surface and splatters causing an ice storm. 

When ice freezes on surface contact it forms sheets on all surfaces, which includes trees, power lines, and roads.  The branches get too heavy and cannot take the weight.  Branches crack and break.  Power lines come down and major damage can occur.

Power lines down or sagging can be a lot more dangerous than they appear.  The 3 lines wrapped together consist of two 110 lines and a ground line. They have a protective coating. That is why squirrels can run on them and not get hurt.  When any of that protective coating is damaged by trees or another lines they become energized.  This is why is so important to stay away from downed or sagging lines.  Lines may appear to be dead then become reenergized when a generator kicks on or power companies begin to restore power.

With expected power outages follow these steps to prepare for an ice storm

·         Make sure you have battery-powered items such as flashlights and a radio. Of course working batteries to go in them.

·         You will be without heat in very cold temperatures. Gather portable heaters, blankets, and warm clothes.

·         Collect water for drinking and bathing. Baby wipes also work well.

·         Get nonperishable food and consider ways to cook it.  Remember no charcoal grills inside as they emit carbon monoxide.

·         Turn off all lights and unplug electronics as surge may occur when power goes out or comes back on.

·         Leave all faucets with a slow run of water to prevent pipes from freezing when the power goes out.

·         Be a good neighbor. Check on those around you, inform them of this information you are reading now.


Tree limbs can cause damage to you roof.  Limbs can cause damage to the roof decking. It may be some time before you can get a roof repair. Temporary Repair LLC is here to tarp your roof and keep you waterproofed until your insurance adjuster, tree removal company and roofing contractor arrive.  Keep warm and safe and know we are here to help.  

Simple hand drawing of how an ice storm occurs

Simple hand drawing of how an ice storm occurs