Emergency Service Tarp Solutions for a roof repair.

After a hurricane covering your roof becomes an absolute emergency.  First things first, you need to get dried in.   This is as important, if not more important than actually filing your insurance claim, because it means preventing further damage. 

Water entering your home can not only cause the tens of thousands of dollars of additional damage, but it can also be the reason you get mold.  Mold grows in wet, dark places.  Wet attic insulation in warm temperatures after a hurricane is a mold paradise. 

Temporary Repair crew members completing an emergency roof tarp

Temporary Repair crew members completing an emergency roof tarp

Your roof repair may take many weeks or months before it can be completed.  This is why Temporary Repair is your emergency solution for roof damage.   Our team of military veterans respond quickly, covering the damaged areas of the roof with a waterproof tarp.  The roof tarp keeps water from entering the attic.

The cost of the tarp service is covered under you insurance policy.  The homeowner’s contract states it will not only cover the cost of emergency repairs, but that the homeowner must complete them in order to fulfill the ‘duties of the insured’ clause of the insurance contract.

The Temporary Repair emergency roof repair team will not only install the roof tarp, but will take photos of the damage prior to installation so you are prepared for your insurance adjuster appointment.   You will receive these images electronically so you can also forward them to your roofer.

Emergency roof tarps are also available here on our website if you live in an area we are not currently servicing and want to be prepared for if a disaster strikes.   Installing a tarp can be dangerous, especially after a storm where many of the shingles could be loose and slip.  Please take caution, this is why our emergency crews wear safety harnesses on each installation as OSHA requires. 

Remember after a storm, first things first, and the first thing should be protecting you damaged roof with a tarp.