Why use tarps that come in rolls?

When Temporary Repairs puts a roof tarp on your house it customized specifically for you.  We specially source our materials to be the most efficient and minimize waste.  As a homeowner, you could go to Home Depot and buy one of the three sizes of blue roof tarps available, but it may be just too small or way to large. 

The Temporary Repair team with rolls of tarp ready to help you when disaster strikes.

The Temporary Repair team with rolls of tarp ready to help you when disaster strikes.

Temporary Repair has rolls and rolls of tarps ready for when catastrophic storms strike.  We will be at your door and you don’t have to worry about out of stock problems that happen in big box chains after natural disasters.   We are fully stocked and ready to service you.

Our teams arrive at your home and determine how much of your roof needs to be covered. We have different widths of tarps available in rolls. So that means we can roll out a section that is 10 feet long or 46 feet long, just the amount you need.  

The rolls of roof tarp are specifically made for us. They are new tarps made of recycled materials. After your roofer comes to make your permanent repairs make sure you let them know they can recycle the tarp and the plastic strips we use to secure them. 

The difference is always in the details.   If we all (consumers and companies alike) make small decisions to help our mother earth, it can turn into big results.    That is why as a company we made the decision to use rolls of tarp, and make sure we used recycled materials in the making of the tarps and the furring strips. 

Our roof tarps are made in a green color to signify this. Also a green roof tarp will let you know it our work and it was done right.  So when you see green roofs in the sea of blue roofs, you know it was done by Temporary Repair.