Choosing a shingle color for your home.

After a hurricane hits your roof and shingles are all over the yard, all you can think about is getting your roof back on!

You call the insurance company and file a claim but it will be three weeks before the insurance adjuster comes to your house.   Since it will be some time the first thing you need to do is tarp your roof so the house is protected and you have time to make an informed decision. Temporary repairs will be required by your insurance company.

After the storm you will be bombarded by roofing contractors.  Flyers on your doors, your mailbox filled with full sized postcards and door to door salespeople ringing the doorbell at all hours.  Every roofing contractor advertises insurance specialist and free estimates.

There are some very good roofing companies out there, there are also some really pushy salespeople who want you to sign binding agreements five minutes after you meet them.

Take your time, check references and find a contractor you trust.  When you have a contractor lined up the next step is choosing a color for your shingles.

Your salesperson will show you a sample board of 6-10 shingle colors. Please understand there are hundreds of colors available.  You have waited for the adjuster, waited for a roofing contractor, waited to have the check endorsed by the mortgage company, you can spend a few more days taking time to pick out the best color to suit your home.

There are hundreds of roof shingle colors on the market, which one would look best on your house?

There are hundreds of roof shingle colors on the market, which one would look best on your house?

Most of the major shingle brands such as GAF, Certainteed and Owens Corning have apps on their websites where you can choose a paint color similar to your house and put the different shingle colors on it. This way you can view how your home will work on the compute. 

 A roof will be on your home from fifteen to thirty years, so make sure to consider not only the paint color your have now but what color you will consider painting the house down the road.

Consider that lighter color roof shingles will not attract as much sun, but it will show airborne mold very easily.  

Most importantly take your time. This is a decision you will live with for a long time. Don’t have the salesperson force you into a 6 choice five second decision.  This is your home, take time and think about it.