Put your used roof tarp to good use!

A hurricane comes to your area and damages thousands of roofs. You see airplane images of your neighborhood with homes covered in roof tarps. Tarping your roof and siding are critical to stop additional damage, but what happens to all those tarps once the permanent repairs are made and the  new are roofs installed.

Waste of useful material

Waste of useful material

Normally, the roofers tear them off, throw them in the dumpster and they end up in landfills. I was driving down the road today and saw a tarp bundled up by the mailbox waiting for trash pick up. You may want to think twice about throwing your tarp away.

There can be many uses for used roof tarps.  Most likely if there was a hurricane, you live in a southern zone. We get a few nights per year when temperatures drop and we are running around trying to find things to cover our plants with.  A used roof tarp is the perfect material.

Also speaking of gardening, when you are planting you spring flowers, you dig a hole and put the dirt on the ground. It is hard to get it all back up. If you pile it on the roof tarp you can pick it up and slide dirt in around new plant.

When you teenage son has first car that is leaking oil in the garage, you will have something to put down to protect your garage floor.

Home improvement projects never end. Tarps are great to use as drop cloths for painting rooms or spray painting items in the yard.

What about kids and craft projects. After a hurricane the kids have gone through a lot of stress. Would it not be great to buy a punch of colored paint, get the entire family out in the yard and paint a giant poster about your family surviving the storm?  It is a great opportunity for family photos and a day of family fun.  This is a way to help put the past months behind you, let your kids get their emotions out and move on with your life.

The most important thing is for everyone to do their part to help recycle.

To store your tarp go out in the yard, spread out the tarp and fold tightly. It will not take up much space, and will come in handy down the road.