Insurance General Contractors is the single stop solution for your emergency service needs.  To get started just click Schedule Now and enter your zip code. Follow 3 simple steps to schedule (see video).

You will receive an email with the soonest available appointment, our Certified Temporary Repair inspector will call you to confirm, and a text will be sent when we are in route.

If you have a tree on your home we will dispatch a tree removal arborist to review the scene and figure a plan for removal while considering insurance coverages.   Our goal is not to leave you with any surprise expense.  We want our customers to be informed about standard Homeowner coverages and what exactly the insurance company will cover before doing the work. This is the big difference between Insurance General Contractors and the average tree company. 

Once the tree is removed, a tarp installer will make sure all openings are sealed so you and your family feel at peace in your home.

If you desire Insurance General Contractors can provide you with a complete roof inspection report, exterior damages report, and a roofing/siding identification report if needed. This report can be requested by the Homeowner or many times will also be requested of us by the insurance company.  If it is ordered by homeowner it goes to the homeowner directly. 

The cost of our services is covered under standard homeowner policy. If you call us directly for our services, payment is required after work is performed while we are on site. We accept credit card and checks. 

Insurance General Contractors will coordinate the tree removal, roof tarp, roof inspection, water dry out services  and provide you with images of the process for your insurance adjuster.